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River Market Sling 300dpi 3x3.jpg

Patchwork Sashiko River Market Sling

Class Code: MSC002

Registered for my Patchwork Sashiko River Market Sling workshop at Quiltcon 2024?  This is the place for you!  Here I will be adding more information about the class as we get closer to the big event.

What do I buy?  What do I bring?

You must buy:
- Kit purchased by clicking on the button below. Kit includes: Patchwork Sashiko Kit (two crewel needles, thread, muslin, interfacing and patchwork pieces), River Market Sling pieces cut, fused and ready to sew, strapping and hardware. ***PLEASE NOTE: strapping refers to the piece on the front of the bag.  You will need to bring your own seat belt webbing or preferred strapping for the main strap (see below for more details).





Required Supplies not included in Kit:
- (3) silicone needle pullers to fit on your thumb, pointer finger and middle finger: visit the additional website address to see a photo. These are not rubber thimbles. Available in Diana’s Etsy shop here.

- Scissors or snips: Remember that TSA allows scissors with a blade length of 4” or less in your carry-on! - shared scissors will also be provided.

- Seam Ripper

- Lots of straight pins

- Sewing Clips: A combination of pins and clips is helpful with this bag pattern.

- Fabric marking pen or pencil: Please visit the additional website address to see an example of the color palette we’ll be using in class. You want to bring a marking pen or pencil color that you can see well.

- Clear ruler approximately 12” in length and no more than 2” wide: We don’t need a large ruler for this class.

- (1) 42” long piece of 1.5” wide seatbelt webbing or you can make your own strapping: Please see photo above
of the River Market Sling you will be making. The body will not be leather as in the photo, but the color will be similar.  Use the colors as a reference to choosing your strapping.

Optional Supplies:
- Clover Embroidery Needle Threader: If you think you may have difficulty threading the needle, this item will help you. It is different from a regular needle threader due to the orientation of the threading head. Available in Diana’s Etsy shop here.

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