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Diana Li Fitzgerald has been sewing for 16+ years starting out by designing and creating purses to sell in her Etsy shop, which opened in 2006.  She saw a purse that she liked, but thought could use some design changes.  So, she sketched it out, created a pattern, and sat down at a sewing machine for the first time.  16 years later she is taking her designs one step further to focus on the textiles themselves.  Her Patchwork Sashiko Method is one that was developed over time through experimentation.   


She currently teaches her patterns and methods at The Bernina Connection in Phoenix as well as online.  She continues to write patterns and stay active in the sewing community online and in person. 

Diana Li Fitzgerald, Designer - Maker - Owner

Other Notables

Ruby Star Maker for Ruby Star Society            2024

Quiltcon 2024 Faculty                                   Feb 2024

Patchwork Sashiko Workshop

Patchwork Sashiko River Market Sling Workshop

Patchwork Sashiko Hexies Workshop

The Perception of Randomness Lecture

MQG Sessions                                                 Oct 2022

"The Paradox of Visual Randomness"

American Patchwork & Quilting                 Oct 2022

Issue 178: "Meet the Makers"

Quiltcon 2022 Faculty                                   Feb 2022

Patchwork Sashiko Workshop

Anastasia Patchwork Bag Workshop

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