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Pattern Corrections

All my patterns go through rounds of testing by myself and my pattern testers...but sometimes things escape us!  Below are some corrections to patterns.  Some more minor than others.  If you have purchased an older version that requires these updates, I'm happy to send you a PDF copy of the most current version if you can provide proof of purchase. Thanks!

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River Market Sling_9.jpg

River Market Sling Corrections

Correction 1:
This correction simplifies these steps a little. Page 5, Section C, steps 2 - 5 should read as follows (corresponding updated images at right):

1. Lay zipper RS up.  Find the center then mark 4” to the right and left (8” length total).  Then mark 1/2” from those marks towards the ends.  Fig. 4b

2. Move zipper pull to the center. 

3. Cut zipper at the 1/2” marks. 

4. Fold zipper end pieces around zipper ends, aligning with 8” length marks.  Zipper end pieces will overhang each end of the zipper by 1/2”. Final length is 10”.   If zipper is wider than 1”, center end pieces on zipper ends.  Fig. 4c

Page 5 Section C Steps 2-5 correction image.JPG
Correction 2:
This correction changes which template pieces have Shape-flex fused to them. On page 2, under the "Prepare the bag pieces" section, instead of "Zipper Ends", the "Loop" pieces should have shape-flex fused to them. Likewise, on the pattern templates, the "Zipper End Template" does NOT require "2x Shape Flex", but the "Loop Template" DOES require 2x Shape flex.
Correction 3:
This correction Page 5, Section D, step 1, in the fifth sentence, "D-ring" should be changed to "O-ring".
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