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Patchwork Sashiko Workshop 500dpi 3x3.jpg

Patchwork Sashiko Method

Class Code: PH011

Registered for my Patchwork Sashiko Method workshop at Quiltcon 2024?  This is the place for you!  Here I will be adding more information about the class as we get closer to the big event.

What do I buy? What do I bring?

You must buy:
- Kit purchased by clicking on the button below. Kit includes: Patchwork Sashiko Kit 5”x7” which includes patchwork pieces, muslin, interfacing, thread and needles.




Required Supplies not included in Kit:
- (3) silicone needle pullers to fit on your thumb, pointer finger and middle finger: visit the additional website address to see a photo. These are not rubber thimbles. Available in Diana’s Etsy shop here.

- Sewing thread in blue or green: this will be used to hand baste our patchwork and a contrasting thread will be easier to see.

- Scissors or snips: Remember that TSA allows scissors with a blade length of 4” or less in your carry-on! - shared scissors will also be provided.

- Seam Ripper

- Lots of straight pins with a ball end: Pins with a flat head tend to catch the thread more than ball heads as we’re hand basting.

- Fabric marking pen or pencil: Please visit the additional website address to see an example of the color palette the workshop will be using in class. You will want to bring a marking pen or pencil color that you can see well.

- Clear ruler approximately 9-12” in length and no more than 2” wide: A large ruler is not needed for this class.

Optional Supplies:
- Clover Embroidery Needle Threader: If you think you may have difficulty threading the needle, this item will help you. It is different from a regular needle threader due to the orientation of the threading head. Available in my Etsy shop here.

- Needle for hand basting: You can use the needles Diana provides for handstitching for this purpose, but if you have a specific preference Diana suggests you bring it with you. The needles you will be given are crewel needles.

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