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Jingle Bell Pouchy Kit Tutorial

Updated: Jan 29

Don't panic but, [cue Andy Williams] it's the holiday season! If there's one thing I could add to my "Pouchy" patterns to make them cuter it would be...jingle bells! This tutorial will show you how to transform either my "Strawberry Named Pouchy" or "Pumpkin Named Pouchy" pattern into a jingly ball of cheer. And I have kits available so you can make this exact version. Click the button below to buy the kit!

Kit includes:

  • Fabric for the body (cut to size)

  • Fabric for the lining (cut to size)

  • Fabric for the leaves & drawstring pieces (draw leaf templates so that edges are shared)

  • White ribbon for the drawstring

  • 8 Jingle bells

Don't forget to post photos of your creation and tag me @banjoflannel and add the hashtag #jinglebellpouchy

Here are extra tools you'll need to make this modified version:

  • Quilter's Ruler with 45 degree angle line

  • Walking foot with seam guide

  • Hand sewing needle and thread that matches leaf color

Below are modified instructions which is the same for both the "Strawberry Named Pouchy" or "Pumpkin Named Pouchy" pattern until the last step. Then, at the end is instruction for attaching the jingle bells. Jingle all the wayyyyy!

Instructions to Make the Jingle Bell Pouchy

For the Leaves:

Fabric included in the kit is enough for all 8 leaves. Trace the templates so that the lights are going left to right. IMPORTANT: trace the leaves right next to each other so that they share an edge line. Don't leave any space in between the leaves or you might run out of fabric!

For the body piece:

The kit includes 2 pieces for the body because the print is directional. Each piece is 5 3/4" x 8". If you're using the kit, or your own directional fabric, place the 2 pieces RS together with print directions facing opposite each other. Sew along the 8" edge and press open.

  • Follow directions as stated in the pattern but stop after Section A and perform the following steps:

  • Layer the body on top of the low loft batting, centered, and pin in place. There should be equal amounts of batting exposed at the top and bottom.

  • Now we will quilt in a diagonal grid to create repeating squares. Because of the small scale of this project, we'll quilt at a 45 degree angle witih lines 3/4" apart.

  • Find the center of the RS of the body.  If you’re using the kit or have sewn together directional pieces, simply find the center of the seam.  From that point, align your ruler so that the edge used to mark your lines is lined up with that center point.  Then, pivot your ruler until the 45 degree line is parallel to one of the edges of the body.  (If your ruler doesn’t have a 45 degree line, use some painters tape or washi tape to create your own line.  You’ll need a protractor or your cutting mat may have angle lines indicated.)

  • Draw your first line.  Then draw the 2nd line so that it creates an “x” shape through your center point.  If you don’t have a seam guide for your presser foot, continue drawing lines ¾” apart. 

  • Sew over your lines.  If you have a seam guide, set it to ¾” and continue quilting until all lines are sewn. 

  • > For the "Strawberry Named Pouchy" pattern, continue with Section B and skip Section C.

  • > For the "Pumpkin Named Pouchy" pattern, continue with Section C.

For the Jingle Bells:

  • You can either hand sew the bells on immediatey after sewing the leaves on, or wait until you've boxed the corners of the body. Either way is fine.

  • Using your thread that matches the leaf color, sew the bells onto the bottom point of each leaf. These won't have a lot of stress on them like a button would, so you don't need to go overboard with the stitching.

That's it! You'll follow the pattern as stated for the rest of the steps and you'll end up with an adorable festive pouch.


Have a project you made with my patterns? Share it and tag me! @banjoflannel

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