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Patchwork Sashiko Kit to Project Series: Part I

Part I: Creating and Securing the Patchwork

Have you ever seen a piece of clothing that you fawn over every time you see it but can't get past the thought of...but when am I going to wear it? Or maybe you're like me and you see a fabric print that sucks you in and you think...but what am I doing to DO with it? I began this "Kit to Project" Series to give an answer to this question. There's no doubt that my Patchwork Sashiko Kits will let you create a beautiful textile...but then what? We'll start from the beginning with laying out the patchwork pieces and finish with a unique and practical piece of art.

I'll be providing general steps here but all the details can be found in my Patchwork Sashiko Kits or the Patchwork Sashiko Instruction Manual PDF download available in my Etsy store. The kit featured here is "Lavender Twilight". Let's get started!

Create the Patchwork

Each kit comes with 15 different fabrics in 2 patchwork piece sizes. I like to lay each of them out in their own stack so I can see what I'm working with.

My general rules are:

1. Don't lay the same pieces next to each other if you can help it.

2. Make sure the pieces overlap! There's nothing sadder than exposed muslin in between pieces...shudder!

Watch the video below to see me create my patchwork.

Secure the Patchwork

You don't want any of your patchwork pieces to move. So, that means pinning it like crazy so that you can machine baste it.

1. Using as many pins as you need, secure each of the patchwork pieces. You may need more than one per piece to secure areas of overlap.

2. Then using the longest straight stitch length on your sewing machine, sew basting lines. Sew as many as you need to keep everything in place.

Watch the video below to see me pin like there's no tomorrow!

That's it for now! In the next post we'll finish out the textile and get ready to turn it into something even more beautiful. Stay tuned!


Want to get your own kit and follow along? Find all my Patchwork Sashiko Kits and downloadable Instruction Manual in my Etsy Shop.

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