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Quilt Market 2023: Tiny but Mighty Booth #411

What a whirlwind! My first time at Quilt Market was a great success in many ways. All the preparation paid off and I presented a unique perspective amongst the giants of the sewing industry!

In this post I'm going to sift through all my photos and show you the ones I think represent the experience best.

I met lots of new people, saw lots of beautiful quilts...and ate some good food.

Let's start with my booth...

Quilt Market 2023 Booth Set-up

You might remember some posts and images about the 2 scaled-up Patchwork Sashiko textiles I created for the top of the booth wall. I made a scaled drawing in Powerpoint and measured twice to make sure they would be the right size. Whew! It was very eye-catching, exactly my plan.

The individual display pieces for each of my patterns also drew attention. Everyone was surprised when I told them how I made them. Foam board + wood-like contact paper + a little engineering to make them hang from some thick jute rope with a tiny shelf sticking out for the samples. It worked perfectly! The one issue was that the River Market Sling panel was right over a piece that was sticking out behind the curtain making it not completely even with the rest of them. But honestly, I don't think anyone noticed.

👉 BTW, don't forget all my patterns are 10% off at through the end of November!

My booth position was great also. Right on a corner near some very popular larger booths. My booth looked so different from others that some visitors had to ask, "what's going on here?". If I were to change anything, I would've planned for the secondary side wall. I didn't realize I would have that wall space so I improvised and hung a couple of pieces from the top.

Let's not forget this fabulous blazer! I applied my Patchwork Sashiko technique to upcycle this thrift store find. I should create a blog post just for the blazer...hmm. This also attracted a lot of attention and surprisingly I didn't get any requests to try it on :) You'll be seeing more of this blazer and other upcycled clothing soon.

OH, the people you'll meet!

I met a LOT of people. It's hard not to feel good when people stop by your booth and gush over your creations. I made sure to have lots of textile samples because our first tendency when we see something we like? What does it feeeeeel like? Everyone loved the texture and look of the Patchwork Sashiko textiles. And they could easily see how the textiles could be used in my patterns or any favorite sewing pattern. Here's a few of the lovely people I met at the show. And did I mention I got a pic with Sarah Watts and Melody Miller of Ruby Star Society???

And the Quilts with a Capital "Q"

So many quilts, so little time. I did not manage to see all the quilts, can you believe it? But oh my, the ones I did see were spectacular. I hope one day I can create something so awe-inspiring. Here are a few of my favorites.

Would I do it again?

Absolutely! I had a very specific goal of reaching new shop owners when I planned for this event. I think next time I will try Quilt Festival which is a completely different beast. Hopefully by that time I will have more patterns published so I can really fill out a booth. Fingers crossed! Thank you to everyone that visited me and chatted about my work. I truly enjoyed hearing about your stories as well. Until next time!


Curious about the textile you saw above and want to try it for yourself? Visit my Etsy Shop for Patchwork Sashiko Kits and the Instruction Manual.

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Have a project you made with my patterns? Share it and tag me! @banjoflannel

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was great to meet you! Love your work!

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