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River Market Sling Pattern: New Release!

I know what you're thinking, but no, I do not have a niece named "River Market" 😁. You might recall that my previous pattern, the Anastasia Bag, was named after one of my nieces. For the past few years, whenever I ask her what she wants for Christmas she says one of two things or a combination of both: "Surprise me!" and "Make me something!" So, that's what I did. And the gift became the Anastasia Bag pattern that I later taught at Quiltcon 2022.

HOWEVER! This pattern is named after something else notable. I grew up in Kansas City, MO. (Yes, there's 2 Kansas City's. One on the Kansas side, one on the Missouri side) And as an adult I would often visit the City Market in downtown KC on Saturday mornings. It's in the River Market area which has been developed with apartments and lots of locally owned shops & restaurants. The City Market is a farmer's market where the inner booths focus on locally sourced produce, flowers, etc. And the outer ring has similar goods but sourced elsewhere. Then the shops and restaurants hold all kinds of goodies! Spices, fresh baked pita, Ethopian cuisine, an Italian market, large Asian grocery, coffee shop and on and on...and don't forget the Steamboat Arabia Museum and Flea Market on Sundays! Check it out if you're visiting. It's a Kansas City staple.

There's certainly no end of fanny pack/sling bag patterns out there. So, why did I decide to join in? I was noticing a similarity in shape between many of them. Something shaped like an oversized banana and designed as if you're going on a trek through uncharted jungles. (I don't recall the last time I trekked through uncharted jungles.) I wanted something that would keep it's shape and not tempt you to carry travel sized Tabasco and spare carabiners in your bag.

I also have a fondness for flaps. But, the prospect of adding a flap with pocket would create too much bulk, so instead I added a faux flap. Faux flaps forever! Just like with the Anastasia Bag, the flap is the perfect place to showcase your favorite fabrics or your own talents, like embroidery, english paper piecing, etc. But hey, we don't want our keys mingling with our sunglasses so there's a zippered pocket in the lining. Choose between 1" or 1 1/2" hardware and webbing. I've chosen 1 1/2" in these images and I think it adds some drama. (Drama in a bag is fine, elsewhere, not fine.)

AND, my 5"x7" Patchwork Sashiko Kit produces the perfect sized textile to use for the flap. How convenient!

THANK YOU to my testers for making this pattern the best it can be. Pattern is available in my Etsy shop but will also be available from for quilt shops and stockists that need wholesale. Tell your friends and your pets! I would love to see your creations... tag me @Banjoflannel and use the hashtag #rivermarketsling


Curious about the textile you saw above and want to try it for yourself? Visit my Etsy Shop for Patchwork Sashiko Kits and the Instruction Manual

Have a project you made with my patterns? Share it and tag me! @banjoflannel

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