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How to Knot your Thread: or Talkin' About Knots!

I feel like this post had a lot of punny title potential but they all have escaped me somehow ...c'est la vie! How do you knot your threads? In my workshops there is always someone, or someones, that are totally blown away by how I knot my thread because it places the knot EXACTLY where you want it. So, I thought it useful to share in case I can help these someones! The photos in this post were taken from my video now posted on my YouTube channel (The link is at the bottom of this post). Yes, I have a YouTube channel. Please subscribe and I'll attempt to make more videos! NOW, onward with the knots...

My thread has about 2-3 inches left, so I've stopped my line of stitches and am ready to make my knot on the back of the textile.

My ideal location for the knot is exactly where my thread came through the fabric.

I remove the needle from the thread and create an "overhand" knot. This is a simple knot where you create a loop, then pull the end of the thread through the loop. Leave it loose! Do not tighten the knot yet.

Then, with the knot still very loose, I place the sharp tip of my needle exactly where the thread has emerged from the fabric. This is where I want my knot to be.

Continue pressing the sharp tip of the needle down and pull on the thread away from the needle. Notice in the photo I'm pulling in the opposite direction of the needle close to the fabric.

Continue pulling on the thread and the loop will naturally slide down the needle and place the knot exactly at the tip of the needle. Ta da!

And THAT is how you get your knots exactly where you want them. No fuss no muss. And no trying to make multiple knots and NONE of them are where you want them. I speak from experience...

Then, just snip off the thread and you're ready for more hand stitching! I hope this has been helpful to you. And if you want to watch this tutorial on YouTube, click on the image below


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