Patchwork Sashiko Kit to Project Series: Part II

Part II: Sashiko Stitch and Interfacing

This blog post is Part II in my "Kit to Project" Series. Please read my previous blog post where we start with the steps of creating and securing the patchwork if you haven't already! In this post we'll take the patchwork which we've secured with machine basting and apply our straight sashiko stitching. Then, we'll give it a wash and apply a lightweight interfacing to the back.

I'll be providing general steps here but all the details can be found in my Patchwork Sashiko Kits or the Patchwork Sashiko Instruction Manual PDF download available in my Etsy store. The kit featured here is "Lavender Twilight". Let's get started!

Sashiko Stitching

1. I prefer my stitches to be as straight and uniform as possible. For this reason I use a ruler to draw lines before stitching. Each of my lines are about 1/4" apart from each other. Draw your first line with a water soluble pen or pencil at one end of the piece. This will be your first sashiko stitch line.