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Patchwork Sashiko Kit to Project Series: Part III

Updated: May 31, 2020

Part III: Pita Pocket Pouch!

This blog post is Part III in my "Kit to Project" Series. Please read my previous blog post where we sashiko stitched our patchwork and created the finished textile if you haven't already! In this post we'll take the finished textile and turn it into a finished project. I'm calling this little drawstring a "Pita Pouch" because it looks like a pita pocket when it's open!

All the details about how to perform my Patchwork Sashiko Method can be found in my Patchwork Sashiko Instruction Manual PDF download or printed copy available in my Etsy store. You can also add the booklet to the kits! The kit featured here is "Lavender Twilight". Let's get started!

Fabric pieces needed:

  • 1x Patchwork Sashiko textile (6.5"x 8.5")

  • 1x Outer Back fabric (6.5"x 8.5"): I prefer a thicker material like denim or canvas. If you want to use quilting cotton, I suggest fusing some interfacing onto the back to create more stability.

  • 2x Liner fabric (6.5"x 8.5"):Quilting cotton weight is good for this.

  • 2x Drawstring Sleeves (2"x 8.5"): Choose a quilting cotton weight print that strikes your fancy.

Prepare the pieces

Pita Pouch Pattern
Download • 1.09MB

1. Click on the "Pita Pouch Pattern" box above and download the pattern. Cut out the template. You will use this same template for both sides of the outer fabric and liner.

2. Turn your Patchwork Sashiko textile so that the wrong side is facing up and trace the template onto the textile. Repeat this process for your Outer Back fabric and your 2 pieces of liner fabric.

3. Fold the narrow ends of the Drawstring Sleeve pieces inward twice over. Each fold should be 1/2". Press after each fold. The final length of each piece should be 6.5". Top stitch each folded end at approximately 1/8" from the edge of the inner fold. Then press both pieces in half lengthwise and right sides out.

Sew it up!

4. Layer the outer fabric pieces right sides together and pin around the edges. Repeat for the liner pieces.

5. Sew around the curved edge of the outer piece sandwich with 1/4" seam leaving the straight side unsewn. Then repeat with the liner piece sandwich BUT LEAVE ABOUT 2.5" OPEN AT THE BOTTOM of the curved side. (See photo where my finger is pointing to the open seam). This is where we will pull fabrics through to turn right sides out! Then notch around the curved edges with scissors or pinking shears.

6. Here comes the part that makes my brain hurt 😆. Turn the outer piece sandwich right sides out. Leave the liner piece sandwich wrong sides out. Then, stuff the outer piece sandwich into the liner piece sandwich. Like you're filling a pita pocket! When you're finished, the right sides of both sandwich pieces should be facing each other.

7. Take your Drawstring Sleeve pieces and with the folded edge facing down, insert them in between the outer piece and liner piece. Make sure all the top raw edges are even with each other.

8. Now pin that sucker!

9. Sew around the top edge with a 1/4" seam making sure to sew all the layers and keeping the top raw edges even.

10. The moment of magic...Pull the outer piece through the unsewn area in the liner piece. Keep pulling until right sides of both the outer and liner pieces are showing.

11. Press the edge of the open area of the liner piece inward. Then, top stitch across the opening.

12. Soooooo close...Stuff the liner into the pocket and press along the edge.

13. Top stitch around the upper edge where the Drawstring Sleeves meet the body of the pouch.

14. Choose some ribbon of your liking (I usually choose white), attach a safety pin to one end and pull it through one sleeve and down the other. Repeat with another piece of ribbon going the opposite direction. When finished you should have 2 ribbon ends sticking out from both sides of your pouch.

15. Open the pouch fully and knot the ribbon close to the edge of the pouch. Trim the ribbon and use a lighter (BE CAREFUL!) to seal the ribbon edges (this keeps it from fraying).

16. Pull the ribbons on both sides and TA DA! You have one very unique and adorable pouch to stash your goodies. [MIC DROP]

Have a project of your own that you created with my Patchwork Sashiko Kits or Instruction Booklet? I love to see it! Post it on Instagram and tag me! @banjoflannel

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