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Patchwork Sashiko Textile Art: First Piece

My very first piece of Patchwork Sashiko Textile Art on a mat frame is now available. I have been creating raw-edged fabric textiles with big stitching for a while now. But how do I decide to pull these fabrics together? Do I have a master plan of what I want the finished piece to look like? The short answer is that I let the fabrics tell me if they will fit in and also where they want to go. In addition to color and print, I also decide based upon shape.

The long answer involves my philosophy with sewing and life in general. When you don't have exactly what you want, what do you do? With the entire world in the palm of our hand and (especially!) next day shipping, it seems we have anything we want at the click of a button. When I'm putting together colors and prints, I intentionally pull from what I have. It forces me to be more creative than I would have been otherwise. And it produces surprise color and print combinations I may have never thought to put together.

The fabrics used in this piece were placed together a long time ago. Some probably went together in a previous project, but others were thrown in very happenstance-like. They cohabitated in the same bag until one day I pulled them out and laid them out in a patchwork that created balance in color and shape.

I hope you've been following my Instagram and Facebook posts, because that is the best place to see how I create my textiles. This particular piece has lots of video content available. If you want to see where this textile came from, peruse my social media pages!

Some of you have taken my workshops or have purchased my kits or instruction manual. You know that this final piece of textile art is the result of many hours of work. And how better to appreciate it than framed on the wall!

This textile art piece has been mounted on mat board placed into a mat frame and is signed and dated in the lower right corner ready to be hung as is, or in a 11" x 17" shadowbox frame. You will never stop enjoying this one of a kind piece. Just click on any of the photos to be taken to the listing on Etsy. Thank you!


Curious about the textile you saw above and want to try it for yourself? Visit my Etsy Shop for Patchwork Sashiko Kits and the Instruction Manual.

All my patterns are available wholesale at

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So glad to find u on Pinterest! I am a textilke artist (vintage age) living in Mexico surrounded by my cats and huge bags of off cuts of many years work. Love your website as I was getting fed up with lack of info on this subject. Also looking for a no 7 sashiko needle etc. Hugely expensive delivery cost for 1 needle via Amazin!! Any info there would be a great help. Many thanks,


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